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There’s a wonderfully eclectic mix in this latest post, taking us from blues rock to Nordic indie, via pop, grunge, and a musical noise! I love ’em all, but which is your favourite and where do caffeine and nice food fit into things? Enjoy…

Broken Witt Rebels – Shake Me Down
This Birmingham 4-piece are from the UK, not Alabama, but their soulful blues rock takes a lot of influence from the best southern rock such as Kings of Leon. Air guitar hasn’t had it so good in ages… in my front room anyway. Quite brilliant.
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Owen Duff – Nobody Loves a Tortured Soul
East London based Owen Duff is a singer-songwriter and videomaker, who says he has “a tendency to prioritise unusual chord progressions & extended metaphors over most other things”. I can’t compete with that, so I’ll just say it’s a charming and warm piece of melodic pop. Surely guaranteed to make you smile?
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Stereopol – The Hitch
If you love a bit of Nordic indie pop with a chorus to rival your caffeine addiction then this track by Oslo 5-piece Stereopol should have you hooked. Something tells me they wouldn’t need to sing the chorus themselves when playing live, as the crowd would take over vocal duties. Play on repeat and it becomes more addictive than an espresso!
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Man Ray Sky – Ether Song
This band say their genre is “musical noise”, and that their interests include “nice food”. I won’t argue about the food bit, but I’d describe this fuzzy scuzzy song as a mix of psychedelic & shoegaze rock, with dreamy vocals and a highly melodic tune at its core. Suited more to a dance floor than a mosh pit… which works for me at my age! [he’s injury prone, Ed]
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Rival State – Stay Strong
Lovers of ferocious grunge rock should be all over Rival State, who are originally from New Zealand but now based in London. With Stay Strong they also prove that it can be loud but also have a killer chorus, while I’ve seen them live a couple of times now, and can vouch for their excellent live performances too! One to wake the neighbours up with!
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[Sorry – video removed from YouTube]


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