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[Updated for 2022]

I do support new musicians, but I’m afraid this is a rant at some of you (for your own benefit of course)!

When I post music articles, both here and at Fresh on the Net, I keep them fairly brief [thankfully! Ed] and instead leave the songs to do most of the talking. Researching an artist is important though, to learn more about them, as well as to hear additional tracks.

So it can be hugely frustrating when information is sparse, and it’s also a lost opportunity when there are very few links between the numerous sites in the first place, even though the musician may have an excellent spread of online activity, from Spotify to Bandcamp, and Twitter to Instagram.

Or worse still, the links are there… but they’re BROKEN!!

Musicians – surely you want new fans, reviewers, & bloggers etc, to explore your online presence with ease, but it’s surprising how often it’s a challenge.


And profiles… you’ve made a fantastic track, and myself and others love it, but we’d like to know something about you. We shouldn’t have to play detective just to find some basic information about you.

Now don’t get me wrong. Myself and other visitors don’t need to know your favourite takeaway or the drummer’s inside leg measurement, but the amount of times I’ve either written or read a review that has included the phrase “I’d like to tell you more about the artist, but…” is far more regular than it should be!

Musicians – the point of this rant is to say that every so often please take a fresh look at your various profile pages and:

~ spend just a few minutes checking all your links are working and up to date
~ if you’ve created a new online presence, add links to and from ALL your other sites
~ make sure there are working links to places we can stream or buy your music

Also, review and improve your bios, which might include some of the following info:

~ when and how you got together
~ your genre and influences
~ details about your most recent or upcoming tracks or EP releases
~ a flavour of the type of subjects your lyrics tend to be about, or what influences you
~ any upcoming live dates and venues
~ quotes or links to articles and reviews about you, or interviews with you

Some of you may think I’m being overly fussy, but I know I’m not alone in being frustrated when simple details and links are absent, as a number of my colleagues at Fresh on the Net feel the same way, with Tom Robinson adding his own advice on the subject here.

So – go ahead and be musically creative, but please don’t forget to keep an eye on your geeky side too.


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