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The eclectic mix in this latest Emerging musicians post covers numerous bases, including indie pop, post-punk, and an electro ballad. I love them all, and so I hope you do too… however, which one shouldn’t you play to your nan!

Chase the Deer – Bad Date
Bad Date is the second single from Worcester 5-piece Chase the Deer, and was written “for everyone who has ever taken the risk of going on a date, only to deeply regret the decision within minutes”! It’s a wonderful piece of infectious indie pop, reminiscent of The Primitives, which presents a classic dilemma… do you find an excuse to leave or do you try to salvage something by heading for the dance floor? “Come on let’s dance, get up and dance”.
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Plastique – Quake
This track will certainly hit the spot if you love hi-energy electro post-punk. Plastique are an Anglo Brazilian trio, while Quake is three minutes of attitude on an industrial scale, full of bruised lyrics and dark synth driven hooks. You should love this, but I don’t recommend you play it to your nan!
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Border Scout – Hold Your Fire
This is an epic but tender electro ballad, with warm vocals, driving cinematic orchestration, and highly polished production. It’s surely a perfect song anytime of the day, but it possibly sounds best (becoming a huge earworm too) late at night. Dazzling.
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True Adventures – North Atlantic Ocean
North Atlantic Ocean is the debut single from True Adventures, aka Norfolk singer-songwriter Sam Leonard, which in his own words, is “a poignantly relatable tale of ambition and love in the cold, wet face of the humdrum”. The video compliments the track quite perfectly too. Hugely impressive!
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