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The four outstanding tracks in this latest entry cover numerous alternative genres, but there’s one thing that links them all… the quality of the songwriting and musicianship. I love ’em all, but have a listen to determine your favourites?


GirlBoy – Jennifer Lawrence
This debut track from GirlBoy, a new collaboration between British singer-songwriter Michael Reeve, and Abigail Tarttelin, an award-winning feminist author, is a highly infectious piece of indie rock. To call it indie rock possibly does it a disservice though, as a wonderfully hypnotic drumbeat, pop melody, and engaging vocals combine to grab you from the first listen. One for the dance floor!
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The Rooz – Pleasantries and Magic Tricks
Better known for their energetic rock ‘n’ roll, teenage Telford band The Rooz changed tempo for this sublime track, which is the b-side to their latest single Lowlife. It’s a wonderfully laid back ballad, where the piano takes the instrumental lead, while the searing vocals of singer/songwriter Louis Coupe are a joy. B-side my arse!
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Record/Start – Electric Minds
Record/Start is the name given to Brighton musician Simon Cowan, formerly of Manchester band Carlis Star. His debut single Rock From Afar (released on limited edition cassette) was featured in the February Mixtape, and Electric Minds continues the superb quality of the alternative pop tunes he writes, with an addictive melody, rich vocal harmonies, and polished production combining to prefection. Play this a few times and I’m confident you’ll be hooked. I was.
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Area 52 – What Do You Want?
Area 52 are a relatively new 5-piece rock band from Reading, and if this track is anything to go by we’ll be hearing a lot more from them. It’s nice and noisy, as alternative rock usually is, but it’s also hugely catchy, with a chorus that has ‘earworm’ written all over it. One for headbangers to sing-a-long to!
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[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]

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