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It’s surely been another great year for new music, and so as it draws to a close let’s reveal our Alternative Friday 2014 awards, which don’t just include the odd mainstream category, but, possibly bizarrely, also venture into neighbours from hell and weather related territory!! So who are the winners…


Best debut album: Dexters – Shimmer Gold


Best (and most youthful!) newcomer: Rory Wynne


Best song to keep annoying neighbours awake: Mourning Birds – Eve of the Isle


Best late night track for friendly neighbours: Chris King & Hotel Radio – Light Nights


Best instrumental: Moth Effect – Look Nicely


Best song about the, er, weather! (and best lyric): Akira the Don – Rain in England


Best live performance: Empire Affair – Dublin Castle, London, December


Best dirty blues track: Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver


Best vocal: Charlotte Francis (Lost Winter) – Coming Home


Best EP: Johnny Panic & the Fever – Sleep the Sleep of Fever
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]


And finally… the track I never tire of hearing: Lonely Tourist – Another Statistic


A fine set of winners, I hope you agree? Now roll on 2015…

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