Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

Feast yourself on another four excellent but diverse artists…

Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss
This might take you back to the early 90’s, but either way it’s a superb piece of shoegazing surf rock from UK based Antipodean band Splashh.

Peculiar Disco Moves – I Don’t Want The World To End On Tuesday
I’m not sure how to describe this track from Newcastle band Peculiar Disco Moves, but the lyrics alone (as well as the band name) certainly bring a smile to my face.

The Jar Family – Footsteps
This is a wonderfully mellow track from industrial folk band The Jar Family, and it comes from their double a-sided single (‘Machine’ being the flip side track)

The Android Angel – Distant Star
The talented Paul Coltofeanu, aka The Android Angel, makes another Emerging artists’ appearance with this excellent track ,where the guitar makes a more prominent appearance than in some of his other great tunes.
[Sorry – track removed from soundcloud]

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