Alternative Friday

helping to spread the word about impressive new & under the radar musicians

Four contrasting sounds make up the music from these artists. I love them all, but which will be your favourite?

Carnabells – Runaway Train
Here’s another enjoyable blast of indie rock ‘n’ roll from Leeds band Carnabells.
[Sorry, track removed from Soundcloud]

The Android Angel – Chicago John
We featured The Android Angel, aka Paul Coltofeanu, in Emerging #13. Whereas ‘Her Shoulder’ is mellow , Chicago John is much more upbeat electro pop track, and comes from his album “Lie Back and Think of England” which is due out on April 8th.

Sinead McNally – Something Has Changed
This is just a lovely piece of pop from Dundalk based singer/songwriter (and ex primary school teacher) Sinead McNally.

Cheatahs – The Swan
I struggled to find any information about Cheatahs, however If you like your music loud and heavy, then turn the volume up before playing this track.

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